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SM Precision Building – Display Home


Marketing Goals

SM Precision Building’s marketing goals for this campaign are to increase sales through a deliberate and targeted video campaign showcasing SM Precision Buildings‘ Display home. SM Precision is as a brand that emphasizes quality, craftsmanship and point of difference. By the end of the video campaign, the targeted market will have had enough exposure to the brand that they understand the point of difference SM Precision empowers.

Budget Summary

The video campaign was given a budget of $1,200, which was allocated to various media and productions costs.

  • Drone footage: $150.00
  • Walk through footage: $400.00
  • Post Production and Management: $350.00
  • Script and Voice Over: $150


Competition Analysis

Multiple display homes within the village lack the customer service and requirements to meet the growing demand of the educated buyer. Prospective client are frustrated by the limited selection and lack of diversity in styles with display homes and builders, with price being their only point of difference. The SM Precision Building brand is well established and has addressed the clients needs, showcasing a residence that stands out from the rest.


SM Precision Building

The elegance and integrity of a home is not only defined by its design, but also the reliability of its craftsmanship and materials. We build homes which are of uncompromised quality so you can be assured that your home will age gracefully. This is achieved through the qualified and masterful work of the professionals we recruit in all of our projects.

We will be with you through every step of the process, from planning to hand-over, with a consistent team which strives for your happiness through close communication.

Our mission at SM Precision Building is striving to be the best in everything we do, providing a top tier environment for our clients, trades, suppliers and staff.


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